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"Kim is inspiring and motivating...the best coach that I know." 

"Kim provided me the vocal technique needed to go back and forth comfortably between contemporary and classical styles."

"Kim has straight up CHANGED MY LIFE. She gives me full circle knowledge and makes me feel like I can do anything."

"Kim has been the most creative teacher I've had the pleasure of working with."

Kelly Gabrielle Murphy.jpeg

"I highly recommend Kim for all of your coaching and lesson needs! She is a gifted teacher and she has been an incredible mentor to me as I made the transition from studying musical theatre in college to the professional world. She is filled with wisdom from her time performing that she is eager to share with her students. Kim coached me through many rounds of auditions my first audition season in NYC and I was so lucky to have her knowledge and support. My audition prep work with Kim helped me book a role on a First National Tour!
You are sure to leave any lesson with Kim feeling energized and with a plan of action. Her knowledge of music and her professional expertise creates a unique learning environment where she lovingly pushes her students to reach their potential and beyond!"

- Kelly Gabrielle Murphy

"I've sang with at least half a dozen private voice coaches. Kim has been my all time favorite coach to work with. As a gigging singer and contemporary songwriter now making my break into Musical Theatre, Kim has been incredibly helpful for me in all aspects of my performance and composition. While working with Kim in a training session, without fail, she warms my voice up to a point of feeling I am using my breathe at optimal efficiency and my voice feels free and clear; the way I want it to hear. From that point we are able to work on anything I'm preparing for a gig from Rock, Soul & Pop to fine tuning a song I'll be performing in a Musical or for an Audition. Beyond an outstanding knowledge of the voice and the ability to help me further understand my own, Kim has offered an additional aspect of her teaching that I value immensely. Kim has been the most creative teacher I have had the pleasure of working with. Often during a lesson, I will ask for help with an original song I am writing. Never before have I come into contact with a teacher who offers such creative new insight into my own work! All of her suggestions have brought new color and depth to my compositions. Kim has such a vibrant and positive energy that it is contagious. She shows genuine excitement. I know exactly who to look to if I need a tune up or some creative input anytime I am in the New York area!"


Justin William Schaffner.jpeg

"KDB is absolutely amazing and I am so happy to know her and have her as a coach. I've been working with her for over 3 years. She is incredibly talented, knowledgeable, and REAL! From day 1, she has helped me regain my confidence as a singer and performer. Together we have prepped countless auditions and booked them, including a First National Tour. She truly has a magic touch and her insight is second to none. If anyone ever gets the chance to work with her, they should 100%. I am twice the performer I was because of the work we've done together."

- Justin William Schaffner

“Kim has been my vocal coach for almost two years now and I can't begin to express the growth I've had as both a singer and an actress in my time with her. She not only articulates the language behind vocal technique in a concise, comprehensive way but she also is excellent with providing visuals in order to help you become more in tune with connecting your mind to your body. I strongly feel that I began receiving more callbacks once I started working with Kim. She's a gifted vocal instructor and COACH. She has worked with me on my cuts and monologues enabling me to construct the perfect audition package for whatever show or company I am auditioning for. Kim has also provided me with technique to tackle being able to go back and forth comfortably between my contemporary and classical styles, which has been a goal of mine for quite some time. Overall I am beyond thankful to be able to work with Kim. She has helped to mold me into the performer I am today and continues to be a mentor that I can confide in for professional advice. “



"I believe that working with KDB Studio is the best decision I ever made. Kimberly is my saving grace. I had been looking for a voice teacher, and we met over Zoom. I instantly felt like Kimberly understood me and we have been making immense progress over the past year. I want everyone to know that Kimberly not only coaches you on vocal improvement, health, and strengthening, but also on facing mental challenges that come with being a high-level performer. Kimberly is a friend, a guide, and a supporter for all things vocal, theatrical, and well-being. I have nothing but great things to say about her and her program!"

- Mariangeli Collado

"When I first started singing lessons with Kim, straight up...I was NOT a good singer.  I had no control over my voice and had very poor technique.  Lessons with Kim not only improved my singing voice a ton, but it also improved my confidence in front of an audience.  She is very knowledgeable about singing and performing plus her lessons are just enjoyable to come to.  Every lesson you learn something new.  Now I am very proud of my voice, and I audition for musicals every semester at my school.  I can honestly say that Kimberly is the best singing coach I have ever had."


"Kim helped me to find my voice and she gave me the confidence to share it with the world. She personalizes my lessons to fit my needs and my voice. She pushed me past my comfort zone and guided my voice to notes I didn't know I had in me! Kim demonstrated proper singing techniques and aided me in using them effectively. As someone who has pitch problems, Kim worked with me by giving me warmups that focused on helping me to find the center of the pitch and helped me to be able to get to the pitch consistently. The bet part about taking lessons from Kim is that she truly cares about you, your voice, and maintaining your vocal health."


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