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February 2016







Reviews of GUYS AND DOLLS at the Pittsburgh Public Theatre, directed by Ted Pappas


"...her soprano soars to operatic heights, high above the crowd of sinners she so desperately wants to convert." (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)


"Burns moves back and forth between ringing legit soprano and jazzy belt, particularly in her showcase number "If I Were a Bell." (Broadway World)


"Kimberly Doreen Burns bring a Debbie Reynolds feistiness and virtue to Sarah Brown. Her full, nuanced, operatic voice impresses on "I'll Know and "I've Never Been in Love Before." (Trib Live)


"Burns shows off her pristine vocal chords." (Beaver County Times)



































August 2013






Kimberly is receiving rave reviews for her portrayal of Ensign Nellie Forbush in South Pacific at the Forestburgh Playhouse! 


"To stand beside and surpass the talent and appeal of de Becque, requires an actress with the stage presence, the theatrical ability to hold the stage, and the vocal range of a well-trained mezzo. Enter stage right, Ensign Nellie Forbush brilliantly portrayed by Kimberly Doreen Burns, an established Off-Broadway actress. Her energy is contagious, her appeal exciting, “a hundred and one pounds of fun.” As an actress and vocalist she is noticeably cognizant of the fact that occupants of the last row also paid the price of admission." (The Catskill Chronicle)


"As the cockeyed optimist Nellie, Kimberly Doreen Burns sparkles with enthusiasm. Her voice fills the theatre. The conviction that Burns brings to the role shows the depth of emotion Nellie feels for Emile. Furthermore, Burns is able to convey the heartbreaking struggle Nellie has with herself to overcome the prejudices she holds that stand in the way of her happiness." (Times Herald-Record)


June 2013





Kimberly received great reviews for her portrayal of Kathy Selden in Singin' in the Rain at the Merry-Go-Round Playhouse! 


"As the show's lead trio, Cody Walker, Jody Madaras and Kimberly Doreen Burns do nothing but impress on numbers like "Good Mornin'" and "You Are My Lucky Star (Burns' solo). Walker and Burns' voices pack their own distinct wallops as Lockwood and Selden, and all three click and clack with much finesse in the show's tap segments...Burns is memorable, because she hams her jokes and affectations up to 11." 

(Auburn Citizen)


"Kathy Selden (Kimberly Doreen Burns), is an ingénue with a sweet voice and a down-to earth spunkiness that ultimately wins Don’s heart... with Kimberly Doreen Burns’ wholesome appeal as Kathy  even seasoned movie buffs will forget the original trio of Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and Donald O’Connor." (Syracuse New Times)


"The leads are more than up to the task of putting one of the best movie musicals onto the stage, particularly when you consider how iconic so many of the film’s production numbers are...Plucky ingénue Kathy Selden's (Kimberly Doreen Burns) ebullient spirit comes across in her many dance numbers."  (Ithaca Times)


"In the show,"You Are My Lucky Star" (Burns' solo) and "You Were Meant for Me" turn into effective dramatic moments. Burns has a full, rich voice and she can belt with it." (Syracuse Post Standard)


April 2013








Kimberly is playing Anne Egerman in A Little Night Music in San Diego, CA from April 19-28.

This show is part of her MFA Program at SDSU. 


November 2012







Kimberly won "Best Actress in a Musical" for her performance as Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady for the Broadway World Awards! Please click here to see the official results. Many thanks to everyone that voted!

Please also click here to see their article about the show with photos of the show.















Kimberly received a great review for her performance in I Love A Piano in San Diego, CA!


"Kimberly Burns’ voice is nothing short of incredible. Her interpretation of “What’ll I Do” is the emotional highlight of the show, singing and acting with aching sadness. She soars in “Anything You Can Do,” where she’s given the opportunity to hit some unbelievably high notes, and pulls it off without a hitch." (THE DAILY AZTEC) 


August 2012











Kimberly returns to the Merry-Go-Round Playhouse! She is currently playing the role of Eliza Doolittle from July 25-August 15, 2012 in Auburn, NY. Here are the reviews!


"She (Kimberly) could resurrect the Titanic with that voice."(SKANEATELES JOURNAL)


"Just as Eliza grows to be a match for the dominating Higgins, this couple is equally matched as fine vocalists who bring distinct interpretations to their roles. Song after song is thrillingly delivered – from “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly?” to “Without You” – and it’s all an audience member can do not to sing along. But finally, it’s the battle of wits and wills, of sex and class, between Henry and Eliza that we’ve come to see. Will Erat and Kimberly Doreen Burns make their decades-old battle seem bright and new – and as deliciously entertaining as ever." (ITHACA TIMES)


"We have a big-voiced soprano for Eliza (Kimberly Doreen Burns), who is also gorgeous. Despite what the script says, Eliza never really looks like a guttersnipe (or “squashed cabbage leaf”), in Higgins’ words. She’s such an audience favorite at MGR (Thoroughly Modern Millie, Meet Me in St. Louis) with multiple Syracuse Area Live Theater (SALT) nominations, she can do no wrong, and every breath she utters is perfectly winning." (SYRACUSE TIMES)


"Taking on maybe the most well-known role in musical theater, Burns fares quite well. Musically, she's a force, delighting the crowd with the classic "I Could Have Danced All Night" and sizzling with demand for actions, not words, on "Show Me." Her comic timing is also quite sharp, particularly her profane shout during the ascot race." (AUBURN CITIZEN)


April 2012









Kimberly is playing the role of Philia in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum at The Riverside Theatre in Vero Beach, FL. The show runs from April 12-May 6, 2012. 


"Philia (Kimberly Doreen Burns) is laugh out loud brilliant." (PLANETVERO.COM)


"Unforgettable characters with vocals that allows a brilliant ensemble of actors and director James Brennan's work to shine." (TCPALM)


"Skyler Adams and Kimberly Doreen Burns as Hero and Philia score big in their duet, "Lovely", in which Philia sings how she can do nothing but be lovely." (BREVARD CULTURE)


October 2011







Kimberly is thrilled to be part of the next reading of Faustus, the Musical. She will be playing the female lead, "Gretchen Engel". Faustus, the Musical follows the life of the eponymous character, Dr. Johann Faustus. An entanglement of various musical styles, this epic musical explores the great duality of human motivation; self-love and self-sacrifice.

Please visit to learn more about the show. The reading will be on October 9th at Nola Studios.


September 2011










Kimberly is having a great time reliving her Catholic school days in Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up? at the Merry-Go-Round Playhouse! She is playing the lead role of "Becky Bakowski." Please visit for details.

The reviews have been fabulous!


"Ithaca College graduate and company favorite Kimberly Burns cannot be made ugly. She’s a two-time Syracuse New Times Syracuse Area Live Theater (SALT) nominee and was Millie in the 2007 MGR production Thoroughly Modern Millie. Her second-act swan is evident from the beginning. Her leading lady voice counts for more as she and Purdy’s Eddie carry most of the musical burden, especially their love duet. Purdy and Burns turn in some of the best performances toward the unexpected resolution in the second act." (SYRACUSE TIMES)


"Kimberly Burns, as Becky Bakowski, (Eddie’s “love” since second grade), shows very credible vocal treatments in several numbers, especially in duets with Purdy such as “Little Fat Girls” and “Friends, the Best of”. (SYRACUSE POST STANDARD)


"Thanks to the strong leads, a couple of songs stand out. Both David Scott Purdy (Eddie) and Kimberly Burns (Becky) give texture to their characters and shine in their duets." (ITHACA TIMES)


August 2011










Kimberly is very excited to be doing a reading of a new musical called Peter & I written by Matte O' Brien and Matt Vinson. The reading will star Broadway's Julia Murney, Jack Noseworthy, Emily Padgett, Constantine Rousouli, and Lucas Steele.

                                                                               It will be on August 4th at Ripley Grier Studios.                                                                                                     

June 2011











Kimberly is having a blast doing Anything Goes! The reviews are in...


"The role of Moonface’s moll Erma, played by Kimberly Burns, is anything but a throwaway. Burns has been a lead in previous summers and is a two-time Syracuse New Times Syracuse Area Live Theater (SALT) Award nominee and always asserts her presence with mordant wisecracks. Her moment to steal the scene comes in the last 15 minutes with “Buddie, Beware,” Burns roll crossways over the prone male chorus without ever skipping a beat."


"Lovely Kimberly Burns as Moon’s moll Erma turned the usual throw-away “Buddie, Beware” into a dazzler, wonderfully choreographed by

Lori Leshner.
Syracuse New Times (


"So Crocker stows away along with goofy gangster Moonface Martin (the hilarious Bruce Warren) and his moll, Erma (Kimberly Burns, creating some sort of Dead End Kids version of Betty Boop); these are the funniest character performances I've seen since Sylvester Stallone and Louisa Moritz in "Death Race 2000."...particularly a bit with Burns singing "Buddie, Beware" and walking on top of her fellow dancers in a kind of human log roll that won a sustained round of applause."
Ithaca Times


"As Erma, Kimberly Burns is a sassy and sultry companion."
Auburn Citizen


February 2011













Kimberly is playing her dream role, "Guenevere", at the Pittsburgh Public Theatre. Here are the reviews!


"She (Kimberly) has a beautiful singing voice, and is a fine actor."
Talkin' Broadway (


"Both Tee (Hayden) and Burns (Kimberly) are equally strong in both singing and personality of their characters;"

"Burns possesses a strong acting and singing presence comparable to Kristen Chenoweth. Guenevere's feistiness and Arthur's earnestness complement each other well enough to spark chemistry between them."

"Tee, Burns, and Hines (Keith) create a trifecta of talent, each as strong as the other, commanding the audience's attention and empathy. Each of them is a deeper blend then what's on the surface. "
Network Pittsburgh


"Kimberly Burns provides calm as Guenevere in Pittsburgh Public Theater's production of "Camelot." He (and we) fall for her as she pines for her lost maidenhood and the opportunity to be the cause of just a little war. "

"Ms. Burns is radiant as Guenevere with a clear, lovely voice suited to the role. Her presence settled things down some, particularly in the second act when Jenny and Lance declare their passion and betrayal of the king they both love."

"Ms. Burns conveyed delight or distress yet remained the constant calm at the center of the storm of emotions swirling around her…audiences will be glad for having made her acquaintance."
Pittsburgh Post Gazette


August 2010

















Kimberly is currently playing "Esther Smith" in Meet Me in St. Louis to rave reviews!


"Kimberly Burns may be a drop-dead beauty and Burns’ big voice explores all the depth and nuance of what on stage sounds like." 

(Syracuse New Times)


"But happily, Burns' voice, like Garland's, is soaring and rich with poignant overtones. She gives a strong performance as Esther, including the scenes where Esther awkwardly tries to flirt with the boy."
(Syracuse Post Standard)


"Kimberly Burns returns to MGR (Thoroughly Modern Millie and Footloose) as Esther and does a beautiful job of walking the delicate line between creating her own character and fulfilling the audience’s expectations (of Judy Garland).  She has a marvelous voice, a sure and steady presence and is a subtle and appealing actor."
(CNY Theatre News)

































February 2015








Reviews of MY FAIR LADY at the Pittsburgh Public Theatre, directed by Ted Pappas


"Kimberly Doreen Burns, who stars as Eliza Doolittle, put on a Broadway-worthy performance with one of the best voices I’ve heard in musical theater. She whimsically transformed her skullduggery into royalty with loveable and unabashed gutter-talk coupled with angelic musical fodder." (Pittsburgh Collective)


"Kimberly Doreen Burns does a marvelous Eliza Doolittle.  Her voice truly brought me to tears. I could not believe that I was in the presence of a human being that could make those beautiful sounds come from her body. Her voice is heavenly, angelic… it just sent chills up and down my spine. She was amazing."

(‘Burgh Vivant)


"Kimberly Doreen Burns charts a vastly entertaining path of transformation for Eliza and, when called upon, blows the roof off the joint with her singing." (Pittsburgh City Paper)


"Eliza Doolittle, the guttersnipe-to-duchess center of the story, stands out — in teal and white for Ascot, dazzling gold for the ball — and that's as it should be, because Kimberly Doreen Burns earns her every second in the spotlight. The street scene in which she expresses her longing with “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly,” is the first glimpse of Ms. Burns’ lovely voice, and she builds on that moment with each number, including a stirring rendition of “I Could Have Danced All Night.” (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)


“Burns’ voice is delightful, whether singing as a proper lady or as a poor street peddler.”

(Roving Pittsburgher)


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